Welcome to Agami Engineering and Project Management

Welcome to Agami Engineering and Project Management

Welcome to Agami Engineering and Project ManagementWelcome to Agami Engineering and Project ManagementWelcome to Agami Engineering and Project Management

About Us

AGAMI Aviation specialized in the domain of Airport and MRO Industry for Civil and Military Aircraft.  We provide sustainable solutions to our clients, which exceeds their expectations. Our team design and engineer the system that makes the world cleaner, safer and more efficient through innovative solutions. 


AGAMI Aviation

Airport Design and Consultancy

Agami Aviation is a Engineering and Project Management Company, a privately owned international firm, specialist in Aviation Industry, dedicated to the planning, design, engineering and project management. With its principal offices in India and Middle East, Agami offers consulting services for planning and design optimization of airports with a focus on Terminal and Airside of complex airport projects globally. 

We provide consulting services and engineering solutions to enhance the passenger experience as well as operational efficiency of airports, as every airport is unique, with its own operational processes and challenges. We contribute our expertise for some of the best Airports in the world.

Today’s airports need systems that are reliable, efficient and cost-effective to optimize its operation. We are specialized in handling the complexity of today’s Special Airport Systems. We work closely with clients and their stakeholders and provide the complete insight of every system and services that requires for future airports.

Our consultants are experienced in designing, engineering and providing aviation advisory services to governments, civil aviation authorities, military services, large airports and MRO organizations globally. Our solutions improve overall performance, safety and efficiency, reduces the environmental impact and increases the profit to the customers. 

Agami Engineering also offers detailed design, system integration and Project Management services for our clients who are willing to modernize their airport facility - implementing state of the art design and technologies.

Engineering Capabilities

Agami Engineering and Project Management has the infrastructure and technical capabilities to undertake;

  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Project Management and on Site work supervision
  • Technical Assistance during Factory Inspection or FAT
  • Final Handing Over Inspection

Design and Engineering

Apron Layout Design

We offer end-to-end services for the following areas of Special Airport Systems:

Passenger Boarding Bridges: 

Passenger boarding bridges are the first and last point of airport contact to every passengers. We provide design to worldwide Airport operators to ensure passengers enjoy a stress-free and safer boarding and arrivals experience.

Ground Support Equipment:

Engineering Solutions that reduces tarmac congestion, improve overall performance and efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. All GSE System such as Ground Power System (GPU / 400Hz), Pre-Conditioned Air System (PCA), Potable Water System, Sewage and Blue Water System shall be design in-ground or above ground based on the Airport operators expectations. The services shall be made through Pop-Up type and Hatch type pits system or through PBB mounted solutions that are positioned close to the aircraft parking position.

Aircraft Visual Docking and Guidance System: 

VDGS that delivers 100% accurate aircraft identification, resulting in increased gate safety, decreased turnaround times and reduced environmental impact. These intelligent solutions simplify formerly time- and labor-consuming tasks, reduce human error and deliver a smoother passenger experience, besides improving aircraft turnaround times at the gate.

Aircraft Fueling System:

Aviation Fueling and systems integration for military and civil applications. Fuel hydrant system enables Aircraft refueling via an underground fuel hydrant pits where the Jet A1 fuel is routed through underground pipeline. All major airports have adopted the fuel hydrant system, reducing airport congestion and improving safety. Aviation Fueling portfolio engineered and manufactured based on the highest industry standards (API, TüV, STS-M, EI, UFC, UFGS).

Airfield Ground Lighting: 

Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) is at the heart of airfield operations. ‘Intelligent’ lighting makes the visual guiding process easier to the pilots, according to information shared by airfield surveillance and aircraft tracking systems. This allows for optimised aircraft routing to and from gates and a more efficient traffic flow, while maintaining or even raising the level of safety.


IT Automation System

Expertise is designing the Gate Management Solution, comprising both Centralized Monitoring and Maintenance Management of airside assets. The system integrate the information captured from the field equipment through IoT and make it useful for the airport stakeholders. The design of each architecture totally customized for every Customer, so they get is specifically oriented to their requirements, and not a standard solution or application. The innovative & powerful remote operations management solution empowers the users by providing adequate data on the equipment's overall operation, maintenance and revenue generation. 

Expertise in Airports

Airport Design

Agami's contribution for some of the best Airports in the world. 

AGAMI Engineering

Engineering Solutions for Aircraft Stands

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AGAMI Aviation

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